Newsletter 2018
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Since 1986, Traditions for Tomorrow accompanies initiatives of cultural assertion of dozens of peoples and minorities, amounting to hundreds of indigenous  and afro-american communities in Central and South America.
Traditions for Tomorrow is also involved with national and international government bodies, such as UNESCO, WIPO and the UN, to work on international norms and national policies, including :
  - cultural rights of indigenous peoples,
- safeguarding of the living cultural heritage,
- protection of cultural diversity,
- the protection of cultural identity in the event of armed conflit,
- the preservation of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, in the event of
armed conflict.
Initiatives accompanied by Traditions for Tomorrow , all small-scale projects, are designed and carried out by the actual beneficiaries in rural areas of a dozen countries. They deal with a variety of fields, such as :
  - dance,
- oral tradition,
- music,
- the media,
- creeds,
- know-how,
- alternative education,
- capacity of building competences
Traditions for Tomorrow is a non-profit independent non-governmental international network with no denominational or partisan affiliation. Mainly run by volunteers, it is composed of its members and individual donors.

El Collao, Puno, Peru